Find and Download Files:

This list is sorted with my favorite sites in each category listed first.

Atari File Search Engines:
{filez} www filez com (web) Just type as much of the name of a file as you know into the search field, click the "Atari" button in the form below, then click the "search" button. If your browser supports ftp then click on the file name at the right end of the resulting display to download it.
{s/w} www shareware com (web) Same idea as above. This one doesn't search as many Atari ftp sites as the one above. It has been around a bit longer and looks flashier, if that interests you.
Shareware/Freeware Support Libraries:
{i/a} InterActive (web) Joe Connor set up InterActive to make it easier for people in the UK to pay shareware fees to out-of-country authors. His web site has descriptions and download links for most of the best freeware and shareware around (its also a fantastic looking site).
{cs} CyberStrider(web) Denesh Bhabuta set up a program imitating Joe Connor's, so he has a long list of top quality shareware and freeware linked to his site as well.
{lapd} LAPD (web) One of the UK's biggest public domain libraries. (Not really much to download from here, the idea being to get you to order the disks, I guess. I think I'll have to make a separate PD Distributors page or something.)
{pds} PD Szene (web) A German public domain library. Plenty of stuff I've never heard of, but my German isn't good enough to choose what to order. (Not much to download here either. See above.)
File Archive Sites:
{umich} UMich (web) For many years, the Univeristy of Michigan file archives were the premier Atari archive site. They have a well structured directory tree, but suffer from not having one line file descriptions incorporated into the search tree (descriptions are in the "index" files). Works with CAB.
{umich} UMich (gopher) Just another link to the same site described above. Some people have better luck downloading files one way or another (gopher vs. www). CAB users should definitely use the above link rather than this one.
{CNAM} CNAM (web) This, the Conservatoire National des Arts et Meacutetiers, seems to be the most quickly updated Atari file site. It has a good interface, unfortunately (for me), most of the file descriptions are in French. Works great with CAB.
{CNAM} CNAM's newest stuff (web) The newest stuff at CNAM. Once you get most of the software you need, you might just click here once a week or so to see what new stuff is out there. Works great with CAB.
{KL} Uni-KL (gopher) The University of Kaiserslautern in Germany has one of the best Atari archives in the world. This is a gopher front end, so don't try it from CAB.
{Ber. TU Berlin (ftp) Another large German archive that is frequently updated is at the Technical University of Berlin. This is an ftp site so don't try it with CAB. Use MG-FTP instead.
{Hen.} Hensa (web / gopher) The Higher Education National Software Archive demonstrates how file desriptions should be done (in my opinion). Unfortunately, they never carried games, transfer files with gopher, and stopped updating their Atari section May 23, 1996.
{LEO} LEO (web?/ ftp) The University of Muenchen's "Link Everything Online." Another nice (albeit slow from this end of the world) web interface. Looks like it hasn't been updated since Feb. 20, 1995 though.
{Stu} Stuttgart (ftp) This ftp site continues to be updated (as of August 1996).
{PB} Paderborn (ftp) This ftp site continues to be updated (as of August 1996).
Note: I have elected not to list some of the smaller file sites. The complete list of Atari ftp sites is maintained by Hallvard Tangeraas and is available via the web. Hallvard also maintains a small web/ftp site of select software.


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