Software Publishers:

This list is sorted alphabetically, those with Web sites listed seperately from those without (the funny o symbols some graphical browser users can see are just place holders for where I haven't had time to grab or make a suitable graphic).

TOS Software Publishers:
o Anthony Jacques' Page Several programs in progress, most notably a set of extensions to allow STOS programmers to make use of the Falcon's hardware.
o Atari Ghostscript A project to convert the freeware PostScript emulator to TOS. Display and print PostScript and Adobe Acrobat files from your Atari.
o Branch Always Software Creators of "Gemulator 4.0," which allows you to run TOS programs on a "Windows" computer.
o Cybercube Distributors of CyReL graphics cards, the CaTTamaran 48 MHz TT030 Accelerator, Inshape, the Skyline CD, and more. Closing up shop now, but their page is still valid.
o Data Uncertain Craig is the creator of several products for use in the design of electronics, including the circuit design software tool "CLA Logic." Now also producing software for use with MintNet, like " XaAES " and " DuFTP. "
o Dongleware Publishers of superb puzzle games.
o The Dragon Reborn (we'll pretend that's their name) produce M-GIF, a picture manipulation program, and are now part of the " Bad Mood &guot; (Doom style game for the Falcon) team.
o ICD Incorporated Makers of HD cables, HD software, etc.
o Its All Relative The Atari world's premiere source of CD's and CD related software.
o JMG Compushoppe I suspect I should yank these guys from the list as they aren't doing anything TOS anymore, but they wrote HyperLINK way back when.
o Natural Born Programmers German collective of programmers responsible for the Texel spreadsheet, the ArtWorx drawing program, and much more.
o STonX The Atari ST Emulator for Unix.
o Tecnation Makers of the Sonovista, a lighting control board used in theaters, night clubs, etc. based on a Falcon. Check out the Bit Bopper on channel 14.
o ZFC Software Publishers of "Edith," the most robust text editor I've ever seen. Their web-site has a lot of Atari material very well organized.

TOS Software Dealers without known Web pages:

(Only Web sites have been verrified):

Attila Mezei, author of ObjecTop, an object-oriented desktop for all Atari computers. Mail him at

chro_MAGIC Software Innovations, produce hardware such as: RAM Gizmo, Falcon030 SIMM upgrade board; MultiSync Gizmo, Falcon030 MultiSync Monitor Adapter; Keyboard Gizmo, IBM Keyboard/Serial Mouse Adapter. They also distribute software such as Guitaristics; Pianistics; Math Quiz Machine; Obsession; SubStation; Crawly Crypt Collection PD/Shareware CD ROM (volumes 1 and 2). Mail them at jimcollins

Floppyshop, distributors of Positive Image, an image processing package handling 24-bit True Color, works on ANY Atari but enhanced for the Falcon and TT. Mail them at sde

Gribnif Software, creators of Geneva, Multitasking Environment; NeoDesk 4, Desktop Replacement; NeoDesk CLI, Commandline Interpreter; and developers of STalker 3, Telecommunications; STeno 2, Text Editor; CardFile 4, PIM; XBoot 3, Boot Manager. Mail them at

Holland Game Design, creators of PING 2000, a Falcon 030 only game. Mail them at

JV Enterprises, makers of Towers and Towers II -- Plight Of The Stargazer. Mail them at

Missionware Software, creators of Flash II (advanced telecommunications utility); LottOdds (lottery oddsmaker and numbers manager); PrinterInitializer (printer managment utility); CyberDrome (hoverjet simulator arc ade game); Crossword Creator II (create crossword puzzles); Word Search Creator (create word search puzzles); Puzzle Pack (combo pack of both above puzzle utilities); The Cryptographer (experiment with codes and ciphers). Mail them at

NewSTar Technology Management, produce STraight FAX!, a fax program. Mail them at STraight Fax is distributed by Toad Comput ers.

Oregon Research Associates, creators of Diamond Back 3 and Diamond Edge 2 and distributors of Papyrus, Twist, Superbase, DATAlite, Clarity 16, VideoMaster, Lattice C, Devpac 3, Devpac DSP, HiSoft Basic 2, Harlekin 3 , and more. Mail them at

TEAM Software, produce A Day at the Races, and 3 Days at Gettysburg. Mail them at

Wizztronics, make all sorts of neat Falcon add-on boards like accelerators, video digitizers, rack mountable cases, etc. Mail them at


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